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Do I have to order the connecting cables from StarPanel®?
No, StarPanel® does offer connecting cables but they are sold separately. Standard video and serial cables are available from various sources in lengths up to 100'. Keep in mind that the longer the cable, the better the quality of the cable should be regarding wire type, shielding, ferrite, connectors and pins.
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Do I have to order an ac power adaptor from StarPanel®?
No, StarPanel® monitors operate on 12vdc. StarPanel® does offer a universal ac power adaptor for applications that do not have 12vdc and want to operate from an AC source.
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How do I mount the monitor?
The monitor is designed to be mounted by its bezel flange holes from the front, or from the rear of the equipment panel.(see bezel cutout drawings) In the front position the StarPanel® monitors mounting flange overlaps the cutout edge fabricated into the equipment panel. In the rear mounting position the edge of the cutout will be visible. In both cases the sealing gasket should be used in a dusty or wet environment.
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What should I use to clean the screen with?
Mild soap or detergent and water can be used to clean the display. A 'mild' glass cleaner is also acceptable (diluted glass cleaner). Do not use abrasives, full strength glass cleaners or solvents.
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Are StarPanel® monitors waterproof?
The front bezels are compatible with a NEMA4/12 type rating. The monitor come with a sealing gasket that conforms to the recommended panel cutout. When used with the gasket, the monitor is NEMA4/12 moisture resistant.
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I was using the M3300-P/PI, what is the new replacment model and improvements?
The new model is the M3104. The front face is the same but the bezel is now powder coated for a more durable finish and mounting holes are slightly enlarged to accommodate hardware variations. The rear cover in metal finish (no paint). Input connections on rear cover have moved horizontally but remained in the same position vertically. Input power receptacle pin is larger for improved ruggedness. The monitor is about 40% brighter @ 400 nits. Calibration is now via a OSD (on screen display) with a one button "auto cal" feature. Buttons are still on back of monitor. Touch communication baud rate is faster at 9600 for quicker response to input commands. Operation manual and touch drivers are available via download off the web. Video and serial cables, sealing gasket and the ac power adapter are now sold separately. See data sheet and manual for complete details.
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What if my monitor needs servicing?
For your convenience you may contact our customer service department for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number via our online RMA request form.
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I'm making my own DC power cord, what is the pin out and part number for the mating plug?
For all StarPanel touch screen monitors the pin out of the dc input is center(tip) +12v, and the outer(ring) is ground. For serial number 010000 and newer a recommended part is Switchcraft PN 760 inline miniature power plug.
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I have an old model DBI or StarPanel, is there still online support for it?
Yes there is still online support for the M3300 series products. You can link to the old FTP site here.
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