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Touch Screen LCD Monitor(s)...

Display Size: 6.4" 10.4" 15.0"

Monitor Accessories

M3064 Touch screen lcd monitor 6.4" VGA Touch Screen LCD Monitor - M3064

M3104 Touch screen lcd monitor 10.4" VGA Touch Screen LCD Monitor - M3104

M5150 Touch screen lcd monitor 15.0" XGA Touch Screen LCD Monitor - M5150

StarPanel® offers a family of Touch Screen LCD Monitors to best meet the Factory Automation and OEM Equipment manufactures needs. From our very small M3064 for compact or mobile systems requiring midrange graphics and control button functions to the high resolution M5150 for larger systems that diagram and control complete factories and process.

With StarPanel
® you get continuous and supported product life cycle from a U.S. company who stands behind it's family of Touch Screen LCD Monitor(s). With drop-in compatibility of the latest technology features while still maintaining Form, Fit, and Function that you can rely on and trust.

StarPanel® Touch Screen LCD Monitor(s) install with a recessed cable interface area, to fit in areas CRT’s and most other flat panels could not. Combined with a hard powder coated black NEMA 4/12 compatible sealing bezel make StarPanel® touch screen lcd monitor(s) ideal, where size and environment demand a rugged operator interface.

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